The Bee Effect addresses declining honey bee numbers and honey bee food security through Urban Bee Farming, Seed Programs and Safe Bee Havens.

The Bee Effect is all about action to effect change in the threat against honey bees.

It is estimated that while our honey bee population is declining, over the next 10 years, the demand by us for honey bee pollinated food will mean that the current honey bee population needs to almost double. With this in mind, two direct areas need immediate address, how do we halt the decline in honey bee numbers, and how do we increase our honey bee population.

Bad honey bee nutrition is one of the four main contributors to a decline in their numbers. Nutrition quality also impacts on healthy pollination performance. Good nutrition requires a good diverse diet in flora.

The Bee Effect executes projects that address diversity in their diet while increasing their numbers by putting landowners and beekeepers together to bring this about – and then recognising them for Bee-Centric behaviour.  This is coupled with an awareness platform that continually shares relevant information with you, our agricultural industry, our keepers of the bees and our children, so that we not only fix our current issues, but we are aware from herein on, and future generations will not make the same mistakes we and generations prior, have.

If you see The Bee Effect stamp on any product or marketing, you know that company is acting to effect change in the threat against honey bees.

How can you bee-effective and become bee-centric with The Bee Effect?  Join the Hive