Join the hive. Be recognised for your awesome bee-centric-ness.

The Bee Effect gives a good buzz to products and companies who are doing something positive to change the status in the threat against our honey bees, so look out for The Bee Effect stamp of recognition on any product or a company’s marketing, and support them for their buzziness.

Our hive members are buzzy in different ways, but mostly you can find them active in any of the areas below, even all of them!

  • Supporting food diversity for honey bees through Seed Programs, garden products and Safe Havens for Bees
  • Offering sites for hives, to increase honey bee numbers through urban bee farming or making land available for honey bees
  • Supporting in the, or operating with the, optimum health preservation and longevity practices for honey bees
  • Participating in The Bee Effect education and awareness platforms & programs

The Bee Effect stamp is the shout out to the world “We are bee-centric!”

Please contact us if your company would like to join the hive and lets see what you are doing, or can be doing to bee-effective in the threat against our honey bees.