Bee Buzzy Seasons of a Honey Bee Colony

Every season of the honey bee colony sees different levels of activity by the different honey bee types in this awesome superorganism (this means that how each bee performs its tasks is highly organised, and one of the things that make honey bees the most incredible creatures). When those first Spring blooms come to life, the honey bee hive does too -and the Queen will start laying up to 2000 eggs a day in the honeycomb.  The busy worker bees will nurture, feed and seal them off in their honeycomb cells, from which the worker bees will break free 21 days later.  Drone bees, the males who are bred just to fertilise a new Queen, take a little longer, and break free 24 days later.  Then there is a hive of activity, with foraging and the business of making honey the order of the Summer, with more and more bees being born.  Our hive eventually gets too full for the whole bee family, and another Queen bee is grown.  When she is born, she will send the first Queen away with some of the swarm, making room to grow more beautiful bees to keep making enough honey for Winter time stores.  Then all goes quiet, our honey bees warming each other while sipping on honey. Until Springtime.


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