Bee Smart Schools Program – GoFundMe Launch

Saving our honey bees one child at a time with a GoFundMe kickstarter. Bee Smart Schools is a South African developed program to educate children about honey bees, why they are so important and how we need to hold them very close in our awareness.  Changing the future for honey bees is not just about solving the current global threats to them, it is too about ensuring that future generations don’t make the same mistakes. CLICK HERE TO BEE SMART AND DONATE TO THE GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN Our children are our future keepers of the bees.  Talking with them and experiencing with them the wonders of the honey bee is key to entrenching changes made today.  The Bee Smart Schools Program is a key component in both awareness and creating more food for bees, as each child receives organic clay seed balls to Open, Throw and Grow!  Funfantastic feeding for bees.  These amazing Grow-Nuts seed balls are part of a natural farming method that allows nature to take her course, and kids can bomb the walkways, the parks, their gardens, wherever they want to spread bee love!  Each seed bomb pack has a selection of gorgeous wildflowers that are great for honey bees, and beautiful to look at. Lack of diverse bee food is one of the main threats to honey bee survival.  With each child planting for honey bees, we are planting a lot of honey bee food across the provinces, and with the shocking impact of fires and droughts on our bee populations in South Africa, never before has there been a more critical time to spread awareness for change and activate seed programs to grow more bee food plants to feed our honey bees. The GoFundMe campaign has been created to raise monies to kickstart the shows development and launch it into 40 schools in the Western Province of South Africa, with a view to calling on corporate social responsibility support to roll it out to the rest of the schools in SA. Once the full program has been developed and procedure blueprinted, the program will be available to any country to activate in their schools.  Scripts, music, costume designs, designs for print, social media & giveaways materials, the works. BEE SMART is for every Bee-Smart school in the world. A feast of fun for kids and glorious food for our honey bees. The Bee Smart Schools program is part of The Bee Effect which is focused on developing bee food diversity for honey bees, and increasing honey bee numbers through the creation of safe havens for them; while keeping the buzz alive with information sharing and education & awareness initiatives.
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