This section is to help you select a beekeeper to learn beekeeping in a healthy and sustainable way – with the love of honey bees at the heart of your journey. 

About Bushveld Bees

They run courses mainly in KZN, but have travelled to various places to do group training in specific areas. They also travel far and wide to do bee removals.

Courses offered

Beginner Course

“Introduction to Beekeeping” | Laws and regulations | Meet the colony | Baiting catch boxes | Hive inspections (What to look for, Common bee Problems, Managing the Hive) | Products of the Hive (Honey, Propolis, Wax) |

Level 2

“Processes and Processing” | Summer Preparation of Hives | Winter Preparation of Hives | Supplementary feeding | Re-boxing and moving of hives | Pulling Honey | Processing Honey (Uncapping, Spinning, Pressing, Bottling & Labelling, Making creamed honey) | Wax and Propolis processing | Making Mead (and tasting) |


Kristie Paine | 082 533 6099


The Honey Bee Group presents monthly (every first Saturday) Basic Beekeeping Courses and every alternate month we do a very comprehensive Bee Removal and Relocation Course.

Courses offered

Basic Beekeeping Course

This comprehensive full-day beekeeping course from 08H30 to 16H00 with the primary objective to equip students with the necessary knowledge to:

Understand the operational structure of the hive, including the roles and responsibilities within it | Comprehend the life cycle of the African Honey bee | Gain proficiency in basic hive management techniques, such as hive placement, smoking, and hive inspection | Acquire essential bee farming skills, including feeding, swarm management, and queen marking | Identify and address potential threats to the hive, such as pests and predators | Learn effective techniques for honey harvesting and receive valuable tips on the subject | Understand the significance of logging and record keeping in beekeeping |

Bee Removal and Relocation Course

A full day 08H30 to 21H30, of a comprehensive specialist training course for beekeepers wanting to become bee removal specialists is offered bi-monthly. The latter will require of the apiarist to have at least a basic understanding of the intricacies of beekeeping relevant to the African Honey bee (Apis Mellifera Scuttelata).

The primary objectives of this specialised course are to enable students to:
Conduct preliminary assessments of bee removal situations | Evaluate potential risks to both the client and themselves with regards to bee removals | Determine the safest approach to bee removal, considering both safety aspects and the actual removal process | Learn techniques such as cut-out or out-trapping as options for a bee removal | Plan and execute safe and ethical removal and relocation of African honey bee colonies | Understand the respective responsibilities of the client and the apiarist (bee removal specialist) | Gain insight into liability insurance considerations |


The Bee Farm
Plot 274, Green Road
Mooiplaats, Pretoria
Cell: Nico Grobler 082 572 9368

About YoUBee Honey

Elizabeth Lamond offers training courses in both Ficksburg and Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State. 

Courses offered

Introduction and Intermediate

The Ficksburg courses are held at Sandhurst Estate.  The Bloemfontein courses are held at The Bee Shop.



Elizabeth Lamond | 083 463 4583

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