Blossoming Blues and Bees

Blossoming Blues and Bees_The Bee Effect

There is something simply romantic about blue flowers don’t you think?  It’s not surprising that they were the inspiration for the Romanticism movement and evoke desire and love in us.  Metaphysically blue flowers symbolise striving for the infinite and unreachable, rather reminding any Dark Knight fan about the blue Himalayan poppy that Bruce Wayne was tasked in finding.

For us, it symbolizes hope and the beauty, for honey bees it’s a great food source of nectar, they love blue flowers.  Interestingly there are flowers who trick our honey bees because plants don’t offer up blue flowers too easily, so these flowers create ‘blue halos’, attracting bees with this glow created as light hits them.

For those wondering, wasn’t it a Snow Lotus in that movie?  According to The New York Times, it is not a Snow Lotus. ”Dr. Wayt Thomas, a curator at the New York Botanical Garden, has seen the movie, and he identified Batman’s bloom as a plant in the genus Meconopsis, otherwise known as a blue Himalayan poppy.”  

Poppies aside, check out our Bee Food Focus for more on poppies, borage and other honey bee delectables.

How honey bees select their flowers is fascinating, ever wondered why honey bees choose some white flowers and not others?

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