Dancing honey bees

Ever wondered how honey bees seem to all gravitate to a few delicious flowers?  How do they tell their other bees where to go, how far it is from their hive, how good it is?  Well they dance of course! Each dance is a series of moves, all changing depending on what the honey bee has to say. A scout might get into a little tail waggling to tell a swarming colony about a new location for them to build a hive at; or where they can all find food and water.  The Round dance is performed if the food is close to the colony, the closer the food the more cycles are done.  Things get detailed if food is further than 80m away, then a honey bee will add tail wags to this. This Waggle dance is the Round dance with tail wagging in the middle. And the further away the source, the more waggles in the dance.  It’s a precise process which is quite magnificent – watch this video:  
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