Earth Hour 2019

The Bee Effect is switching off lights in solidarity with global efforts to secure nature, to secure our planet – join Earth Hour 2019, wherever you are in the world, and #Connect2Earth at 8.30pm your local time.  People around the world will come together for 24 hours turning off lights, uniting millions of us in protest for a better, cleaner, healthier planet.

What does switching off lights for an hour achieve? Sid Das of WWF International says “it shows the world that millions of people worldwide care about climate change and nature loss, and everyone has a role to play in tackling these issues. These two threats create our planet’s biggest environmental challenge yet. It is easy to put your hands up and say the stakes are stacked against us, or they are too high to try, but each of us who participates in Earth Hour has decided their ambition is higher, which is what I believe changes the game entirely. Together, we are participating in creating a new future that will change the world we live in for generations to come.”

The Bee Effect is connecting to earth as we acknowledge our honey bees and the incredible role they play in our lives.  We are observing the dark in protest at the effect of climate change and environmental destruction that directly impacts on the safety and security of honey bees, as it continues to threaten their forage and its diversity.  We are observing the dark in protest at the impact of monoculture crops and the toxins that poison the nectar and pollen our honey bees need, with toxins leaching into waterways our honey bees drink from.  We are standing together with people from every continent and all the cities and towns across the globe in acknowledgement of the immediate need for change.

“Earth Hour is an opportunity to show our resolve to change. Turning out the lights and turning up the pressure for a healthy planet.”  António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations

#Connect2Earth with us. 

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