Honey Bee Seed Program Launches

The Bee Effect in partnership with Reel Gardening has made feeding our local honey bees quick & easy with Bee Food Boxes for Spring and Autumn.

The Bee Effect in partnership with Reel Gardening has made feeding our local honey bees quick & easy.  As part of our Seed Program we have developed Bee Food Boxes to plant in your garden or in pot plants – whether you have a bee-friendly veranda or a lovely spot in your garden just waiting for these plants filled with good pollen and nectar – your honey bees will love them.  Choose winter or summer flowering plants, or both – and you will be feeding our honey bees the diverse diet they need to maintain optimum health.

Healthy honey bees are more resilient to the negative effects of toxins and pests, and the stress on them from the effects of climate change and monoculture exposure.  Just like mankind needs a good balanced diet, so to do honey bees.  These Bee Food Boxes are a perfect start to planting a diverse bee-friendly garden.

The primary objective of The Bee Effect is to create a greater diversity in forage, and the Seed Program is the first phase in facilitating with this in our urban and semi-rural spaces.  The purchase of these boxes supports our long term program of securing Safe Bee Havens – larger tracts of land committed to homing honey bees safe from toxins and vandalism, while offering them a good spread of natures best food.  In these environments they grow strong and healthy, growing larger swarms.  When these swarms are to big to fit into one hive, the colony grows a new Queen bee, allowing the old Queen to leave the hive with around half of the existing hive, and make a new hive in a new shelter.  This is a natural process in the increasing of honey bee numbers.  Because we need to nearly double our honey bee population over the next decade, developing healthy swarms is key to achieving this.

Buying and planting these Bee Food Boxes plays a key role in The Bee Effect’s program to move our honey bees out of threat status.  Bee-centric and plant this Good Bee Food knowing you are playing a role in both looking after your local honey bees – and honey bees far and wide.

Order now for your home garden or Contact Us for bulk retail orders or for Christmas corporate gifts – a lovely way to celebrate the season of giving – gifts for you and your honey bees too!

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