Iceland Poppy for Honey Bees

Iceland Poppies, Papaver nudicaule, the most popular of poppies, will transform your winter landscape into a breathtakingly attractive honey bee heaven!

Poppies are a super source of pollen for our honey bees, where they dust themselves by rolling between the stamens in delight! Plant them from April in Autumn temperatures – the bees love ’em.  And they flower just when bees need a winter nibble.

Planted early in the season – they provide blooms that will keep appearing right through to late spring.


Bee plant values The Bee Effect

Saving our bees is not just about making less toxic environments for them, but too about focusing on what we feed them.  Like us, they need a balanced diet. Pollen and nectar from a diverse choice of flowers; protein from pollen, and carbohydrates, sugars, from nectar. Bee-effective and plant Good Bee Food, for you and your honey bees.

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Good Bee Food_The Bee Effect

Ref: / Beeplants of South Africa, M.F. Johannsmeier

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