Joining the Hive – Perfume Power

It is with much excitement that we join senses with Perfume Power.  A world without bees would be a world without the depth and breadth of scents – in fragrance our indulgence, our note that expresses a feeling, an attitude – a joy.  A joy in both honey bees and scents that  we are sharing as we collaborate in the creation of bespoke perfumes that celebrate our bees.  Launching this range this year is the BeeHave! line.


Over the years the allure of the world of perfume has remained veiled to most of us. Today, Perfume Power explores the art of fragrance, its fragile and mysterious expression. Through inspiring workshops, be they private events, corporate team-building or  regular public workshops for everyone, Perfume Power reveals the heritage, beauty and power unique to our experience of scent.

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