Joining the Hive – Shenfield Game Farm

The Shenfield Game Farm in the Eastern Cape is situated outside Grahamstown near Riebeek East.  This 800 hectare game farm has been committed to homing honey bees – free of toxins and safe from random vandalism, this is an ideal space for honey bees to increase their numbers in healthy colony’s, naturally splitting into new swarms.  It is with much gratitude that we thank Barry & Karen Podesta for their support of the program and their enthusiasm and commitment to securing a future in which honey bees are safely balanced in the matrix.  The Shenfield haven honey bees are in the charge of a Riebeek East local, Herman Lamprecht, our keeper of the bees.  Herman, a beekeeper with both local and international experience, has teamed up with Dr Claudia and Volkher von Lengeling, local specialists in honey bee removals, who will be relocating saved swarms to the farm.

Shenfield honey bees are going to live and eat and breed happily on the farm, with the sole purpose of enjoying the rich biodiversity in forage and making gorgeous honey for themselves, and a little for us too!

Read more about the Shenfield Safe Bee Haven here.

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