Kiwi Fruit & Honey Bees

What Kiwi fruit does for honey bees.

Honey bees and Kiwi

Kiwi are a super source of pollen for honey bees so they are sure to enjoy the pollination experience. Even though there is no nectar, the pollen is an excellent protein source for them.

Honey bees are the main workers in the kiwi groves ensuring more fruit that is a perfect size and flavour. Read more about honey bee pollination studies on Kiwi fruit



The Kiwi (with the scientific name A.chinensis), comes in two new varieties from TopFruit, a partner in our Trees for Bees reforestation program.  The gorgeous sweet berry flavoured Red Sun 1 and the Intense yellow Dori.

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A.chinensis_Red Sun 1_TopFruit


Red Sun 1

Kiwi and you

A great antioxidant, it has all the goodies to boost your immunity, help with healthy skin & to help good iron absorption;  it contains serotonin which aids peaceful sleep; Vitamin A combined with the antioxidants helps your vision, and if that’s not enough, it is amazing in that it helps block the development of E. coli bacteria along with being a healthy source of fibre.  Folate, found in kiwis, is essential for brain and cognitive growth in the foetus.

“Besides being rich in vitamin C and E, kiwifruit also has potassium and polyphenols. This healthy combination can help lower the number of triglycerides in the blood. Eating a couple of kiwis each day can also reduce the risk of blood clotting. The kiwis cause the blood vessels to undergo a fibrinolytic effect, which dissolves clots, dropping the chance of experiencing cardiac diseases like atherosclerosis.” Read more

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