Launching Bee Simulator for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Our honey bees are getting some game time!

This November a nature-orientated, family friendly videogame Bee Simulator hits the South African shelves and The Bee Effect is joining The Cause with our #BeeCentric stamp of approval. 

Why is Bee Simulator so amazing?

“Education is a key enabler in any programme for honey bee sustainability, and any success today we have in mitigating the threat against honey bees can only succeed in the future if our children understand the value of these incredible creatures to our environment, to our lives.   Bee Simulator is #BeeCentric as it educates in a fun and memorable way which I hope children will enjoy as much as they will come to love honey bees through it,” says Eve Puttergill Founder of The Bee Effect.

This November, experience life as a bee in an adventure game for both children and adults alike. Take on a quest to save your swarm or enjoy the peaceful life of a bee in Honeypark.

Check it out!

Bee Simulator will be available PS4TM, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ on November 22

Bee Simulator will be available PS4TM, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ on November 14_The Bee Effect

About VARSAV Games Studio

The VARSAV Game Studios team working on Bee Simulator consists of 30 young and talented specialists who gained experience developing games in such companies as Vivid Games, CI Games, The Farm51, Bloober Team, and Flying Wild Hog. The general idea behind further projects of the studio will be to concentrate on the animal world and mixing simulators with other genres.


Bigben is a major player in video game publishing, in the design and distribution of smartphone and gaming accessories as well as furnishing customized audio products. Known for its innovation and creativity, the company group aims to become a leader in each of its industries. For more information about Bigben:

About The Bee Effect

The Bee Effect is an award winning programme that focuses on actions that effect change in the threats against honey bees via an awareness platform that educates and sustains awareness for them by continually sharing relevant information with the public, the agricultural industry, beekeepers and our children; in addition to this the programme implements projects that are focused on increasing honey bee forage through seed programs and honey bee havens, as lack of forage diversity is one of the key threats to them. 

Everyone can help our honey bees, in our backyards, on our veranda’s, unused farmland, municipal walkways and community parks and lands – using our land bee-effectively – planting food to feed our honey bees. 

Bee Simulator is a wonderful way to spread education about honey bees and The Bee Effect is proud to be supporting the buzz. 

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