NUXE joins our tree hive

Beauty and the Buzz_NUXE joins the tree hive with The Bee Effect Boland Cellar and Nedbank planting trees for bees in Greenop reforestation projects.

Our honey bees have just been given a beauty buzz as NUXE joins our tree hive to plant trees from sales of their Rêve de Miel® range, available in selected Health & Beauty stores, Woolworths, Truworths and Foschini as well as online from all of the main retailers listed.

NUXE joining us will support our commitment to expanding the awareness of, and knowledge about honey bees, and not least is going to help us plant more trees for bees in Greenpop’s reforestation projects.  All our funds plant trees that support honey bee nectar and pollen needs, as we all know that a lack of forage, and in fact a lack of diversity in this, is one of the key contributors impacting honey bee health.  Aside, who wants to taste the same flower all the time anyway, not our honey bees that’s for sure!

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Nuxe joins The Bee Effect's Boland Trees for Bees.

There is no better way to enjoy what we buy than knowing it does something fantastic in that process.

What we love about our partnership with NUXE and their range  Rêve de Miel®, is that it brings beauty and healing benefits from honey bees home for you.  But honestly the entire product range is fabulous, sensual and nourishing like the soft smell of warm honey on a summers day, drawing on the healing powers of botanicals…whatever you choose you can rest assured a honey bee had a role to play in its perfection.

Our tree hive is growing as NUXE festoons with our Founding Partner, Boland Cellar, and our green bank, Nedbank.  Esteemed company indeed, all committed to supporting reforestation with honey bees in mind.  The Bee Effect is buzzed to partner with the NUXE brand for everything it stands for, an ethos reflected in their commitment to honey bees in their hometown of Paris, France.  Joining our hive locally is a wonderful expansion of their core conservation commitment in the North and says simply that honey bees cross all borders, uniting us in a common cause of change.

Nuxe Sponsors the Louvre and its Protect The Bees. What’s it all about?

Ultra nourishing, soothing and comforting, Rêve de miel® range, with honey and sunflower, is ideal to soften and soothe dry and sensitive skin types.

Nuxe joins The Bee Effect's Boland Trees for Bees.

NUXE is an official partner of the Boland Trees for Bees projects.Behind this stamp is a tree growing for our honey bees…so look out for it to purchase with a purpose.

Boland Trees for Bees_The Bee Effect
Nedbank_The Bee Effect_Boland Trees for Bees
Boland Trees for Bees _ The Bee Effect
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