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Standards4Bees from The Bee Effect

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Effecting ecosystem health

We are committed in this next decade specifically, to creating opportunity for you and your personal and professional communities, to support the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Starting with your garden, and gravitating outwards, we introduce you to the concept of Integrated Pest Management, a natural way to garden without harmful chemicals.  And if you are not sure what is harmful for you, bees, other insect pollinators and natural predators, there is a Bad4Bees section for quick and easy referencing created for us by specialists in this field.

#GenerationRestoration with #TreesforBees_The Bee EffectWhat is the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration? It is a call to action for all parties to revive and protect our ecosystems around the world. One The Bee Effect has answered, and through our reforestation and integrated biodiversity projects we are supporting healthy biodiversity corridors and playing a role in mitigating climate change impacts, programs that are part of our commitment as an official supporter.


A connected planet

All parts of our hive are connected, from our backyard gardens to farmlands and open vistas of savannah and forests – our world is alive – and you have a role to play in its health.

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