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Our focus for the last year has been to establish our Boland Trees for Bees Pledge Fund, calling on brands to get behind our bees, planting trees for all the great reasons we do; pollinator forage, climate change mitigation, water conservation and protection and stabilisation of biodiversity corridors providing healthy habitats for all who depend on our forests.  In just a short period of over one year, with major impacts from the pandemic, our committed honey bee ambassadors still pulled out all the stops possible to bring home the honey!

We have celebrated the incredible amount of consciousness for our honey bees that we experience from all quarters, the phone calls to rescue hives, land donations for honey bee homes, interest in beekeeping courses, schools launching beekeeping as an extra curricula, spring day requests – the list of the amount of support for these tiny little pollinators is simply wonderful and would take pages to record.  Suffice to say, our world is mobilising behind our bees, our seas, our mountains, our forests to name but a few areas – our planet and all living creatures are getting the attention they need.

A new decade, a new dawn.

In keeping with this The Bee Effect has been recognised as an Official Supporter for the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration – this through our support of reforestation in partnership with Greenpop, an Official Partner of the UN Decade.  Our founding partner Boland Cellar, as a driving forceThe Bee Effect Boland Trees for Bees projects support #GenerationRestoration behind our pledge fund, is too recognised as a committed supporter of this next decades focus.  Through the 10 years we intend to expand our activities specific to the restoration of biodiversity corridors, growing healthier spaces for our honey bees and their other pollinator buddies, so watch this space as we buzz into more sustainability together.

As the world faces its challenges with droughts, floods, fires and famine which is scratching so dangerously at so many doors, the need to ensure food security is a critical part of the mix, and honey bees are key to that security, too playing a role, as no doubt you know, in maintaining the colour, scent and diversity of our landscapes.  It makes sense to hold them in our awareness and ensure their security, because addressing the short comings in their sustainability, speaks directly to issues needing address in so many areas to ensure restoration of our planet.

Over the next decade we would like to see a more active drive to move away from pesticide use in agriculture, and specifically speaking about South Africa, that our country would take lead from the EU and ban harmful pesticides entirely, in so doing demonstrating a real commitment to environmental & human health.

There is a good amount of great affiliation and project scoping afoot for the next decade and it will be a real buzz to see the future landscape we create with this purpose. 


It has been a great year and the future is looking bright as we merge energies with the UN and tackle #GenerationRestoration.


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