The Bee Effect is a Winner in Faithful to Nature Eco Awards 2018

The Bee Effect has been voted THE WINNER of THE BEST GRASSROOTS INITIATIVE in Faithful to Nature’s South African Eco Awards. Votes for our honey bees!

The Bee Effect is about creating sustained awareness for honey bees through sharing information about them, their role, their magic; while too focusing on supporting their need for diverse forage and more of it, through the various programs and initiatives.  Through this The Bee Effect supports honey bees and our beekeepers in their calling to nurture one of nature’s most important pollinators.

There are many people and organisations who have over the last few years contributed to what The Bee Effect is today – beekeepers, farmers & landowners, specialists in various fields that support the machine behind the brand – and of course our wonderful honey bees whose plight has woken our world to a greater level of awareness about how critical each aspect of nature is in establishing sustainability.  So it is with much gratitude to all the voters, the people who have added their passion & generosity to the program, and for our honey bees whose magic has captured so many of us, and given purpose to so many, including myself, that I say thank you.

Thank you too, to everyone at Faithful to Nature for taking the initiative in creating these awards and offering participants the opportunity for recognition for “going out of their way to be truly Faithful to Nature”.

Eve – Founder of The Bee Effect

Click here to find out more about the awards and winners.

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