Why The Bee Effect?

We face declining honey bee populations because of the threat to them, one of which is an increasing lack of diverse flora for them to source pollen and nectar from.  There are also difficulties in securing safe sites for honey bees to grow into healthy colonies, protected from vandalism & toxins.

The Bee Effect is focused on securing food diversity for honey bees, and assisting with increasing the honey bee population in South Africa by finding applicable sites to keep them.
Remember we need honey bees to pollinate over 30% of the food we eat.  No honey bees = less of those foods. And like us, they need a diverse food supply to ensure they receive all the essential elements in their diet, keeping their immune systems healthy so they can work their magic.

The Bee Effect addresses this through seed programs, developing safe havens for honey bees and planting up areas of Good Bee Food.

There is a touchpoint for every individual, business & association to offer their help and support. What can you do to actively participate in our threats against honey bees and become Bee-Centric?