Why The Bee Effect?

We need honey bees to pollinate over 30% of the food we eat.  No honey bees = less of those foods. And like us, they need diversity in their diets to ensure they receive all the essential nutrients to keep their immune systems healthy so they can work their magic and build strong healthy colonies.  This leads to natural swarming which naturally increases their population numbers.

At the moment we face declining honey bee populations due to multiple threats, one of which is an increasing lack of diverse flora as sources of pollen and nectar. The issue is further exacerbated by difficulties in securing safe sites for honey bees, protected from vandalism & toxins, which too offer diversity of food sources for them.

All elements of The Bee Effect program are designed to address this, while we keep the buzz alive with awareness and education initiatives and platforms that sustain the focus on honey bees, growing our general knowledge and appreciation for them so that next generations might not revisit the mistakes of the past which have led to the current global crisis.

Boland Cellar and The Bee Effect collaborate to raise funds to plant trees that feed honey bees. Join our pledge.Good Bee Food_The Bee Effect