The Boland Trees for Bees pledge funds are allocated to Good Bee Food trees in Greenpop Forests For Life Platbos Reforestation project in the Western Cape of South Africa. 


Greenpop work in collaboration with local partners on all their reforestation programmes.  To date 62645 trees have been planted with the local partner organisation – Platbos Forest Reserve

Forest Coordinates -34.567646, 19.433110

Like natural forests the world over, parts of Platbos were cleared/felled in days gone by to make way for cultivation. Today, many of these fields stand fallow and they are now being colonized by invasive alien vegetation. These dense stands of alien vegetation on neighbouring land pose a grave fire risk to the forest.

Less than 0.56% of South Africa is covered by indigenous forest; in the Western Cape this figure is even lower with only 0.05% of the Province being forested. Platbos is a unique and ancient indigenous forest that requires our active management in order to ensure its long term survival. In order to respond to this need, the Platbos Forest Reserve, in collaboration with Greenpop, launched the Platbos Reforestation Project.

To date, we have planted over 62,645 trees; there is space for thousands more to be planted. The young tree saplings are supplied by our Platbos Forest Tree Nursery and only trees that are indigenous to the forest are planted – they are adapted to drought and serve as an important food source for the bees, birds and animal species that live here. Greenpop


  • Restore the forest back to its former integrity.
  • Push back the boundary of the alien vegetation and create firebreaks so that the heart of the forest and the ancient trees found within it are better protected from run-away fires.
  • Halt the advance of the encroaching alien thickets (the alien seed is unable to germinate beneath the forest canopy.)
  • Conserve the biodiversity of this unique forest environment and increase its surface area for future generations and the many creatures that depend on it for their survival.
  • Extend and amplify the forest’s carbon sink capacity through tree planting and by so doing contribute towards world-wide efforts to counteract the effects of global warming and climate change.
  • Increase employment opportunities for members of our disadvantaged local communities.
Project information, images and photographs by Ashleigh De Villiers supplied by Greenpop.