Safe Havens for Bees are projects where land has been secured for hive placement – with an eye to offering colonies a healthy space to grow in.  The program is to facilitate in increasing colonies to 200 000 hives, the projected honey bee support needed in the next decade to maintain our biodiversity and service our food security through pollination.

By bringing farmers and landowners together with reputable beekeepers The Bee Effect creates environments where we can keep our honey bees safe from vandalism with the right amount of diverse honey bee food to keep them healthy.  This ensures stronger immune systems for greater defense against diseases, keeping them fit and strong for pollinating our beautiful countrysides and farmlands.

Happy healthy bees who naturally swarm and increase their numbers because there is a great space for them to do it in. Gratitude to the farmers and landowners that are coming forward to join the havens program.

Please contact us if you have land that would qualify for the program and welcome some honey bee attention.