Synergy Eldorado – McGregor

A Safe Haven for honey bees.  This conservancy is 320 hectares of land being nurtured back to pristine indigenous Breede Shale Renosterveld, 10kms from McGregor in the Breede River Valley. It is an exciting location as it forms part of the Critical Biodiversity area of a natural landscape corridor that connects the Riviersonderend Mountains with the Breede River via a network of natural sites and also the Vrolikheid Protected Area (an upland-lowland corridor).

Due to intensive agriculture of lowland areas there are not many of these natural corridors left that form a continuous link all the way from the mountains towards rivers and other important biodiversity areas or landscape features,so it is important to try and keep it intact.

It is against this backdrop that Synergy-Eldorado provides a Safe Haven for honey bees. With our local honey beekeeper, Kobus Vos, we are expanding hive numbers and increasing committed land that is safe and secure for honey bees.

Buzz about the bees

2017 : 1st quarter – drought taking hold of area, not much bee food available, initial hive placement much lower as a result than planned.  Test of 3 hives established. 3rd Quarter – 1 hive absconded, 1 hive vandalised. 1 remaining hive.

2018 : 1st & 2nd quarter – drought impact on bee food extreme.  Remaining hive didn’t survive the drought.  Fantastic rains over the Winter period.  Bee food flourishing with new growth.  3rd quarter will see up to 10 hives placed.