Bee Smart with funfantastic feeding for our honey bees.  What better way to nurture your local honey bees than have every child enjoy the experience of feeding them, knowing why they are feeding them, and just how precious and important honey bees are to our world and their future.

The Bee Smart schools program is part of our seed program to get more bee food out there! Grow-Nuts bee food in funky wild flower seed bombs for kids. Open it, throw it and grow it!  At school or at home, throwing has never been more fun! Our seed bombs are just one part of an exciting line up that is designed to entrench awareness and sustain it.

If you want to join schools in becoming a #BeeSmartSchool by bombing your school and community with seed bombs, contact us and we will get you bombed up for the bees with bee-bomb packs.


The Bee Effect has designed an edutainment show where learners are entertained with a performance dance and song routine about our honey bees – fun and memorable -while sharing critical information about the key role of honey bees in our lives.

So if you are keen on bees, want to be the bees knees, please join the fun and let your dollars run! The more funds allocated to the program, the more schools we can visit, the more bombs for bees we can throw here, there and everywhere.

Interested in sponsoring or hosting the Bee Smart program at your school?  Contact us and lets get bombing for the bees!


As part of this program The Bee Effect is making a donation per child to African Honey Bee.

  • African Honey Bee runs a program that “enables families from severely disadvantaged rural communities to build sustainable   micro-beekeeping businesses – producing raw honey using environmentally-friendly and ethical beekeeping practices.”
  • In the last two years they have trained 1500 people, mainly in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal areas at this time.   So far 600 of these beekeepers (and their families) are actively keeping bees and many have started producing and selling honey.
  • African Honey Bee are doing fantastic work in developing the beekeeping industry.

Skills Development

Rural Job Opportunities

  Empowering Communities

A feast of fun for kids and glorious food for our honey bees.

More about the launch program here.  Bee Smart Schools Program_The Bee Effect_Dec 2018