Bee Smart with funfantastic feeding for our honey bees. 

What better way to nurture your local honey bees than have every child enjoy the experience of feeding them, knowing why they are feeding them, and just how precious and important honey bees are to our world and their future.

Click here to find out how to make your own bee bombs this year and explore the lovely bulbs and seeds from

The Flower Cartel_The Bee Effect

who are happy to make up bulk seeds of meadow mix just for the occassion.

#BeeSmartSchools _ The Bee EffectThis year we have launched a platform for fundraising with schools in mind.  So often our schools explain how they would like to do something more for our honey bees, though we have Spring planting days, tree planting programs – so this year we have a way for all schools to get buzzy and so much more.

Boland Trees for Bees Pledge Fund_The Bee Effect

Your school funds raised will plant trees that are great honey bee food in amazing forest projects in South Africa; so whether you are in SA or from anywhere around the world, your school can feed honey bees while supporting the other benefits of reforestation such as growing our carbon sink to help fight climate change, cleaning & conserving water and protecting habitats for threatened species like our Cape Leopard or the Leopard Toad, and all the other creatures that inhabit their forest.


Boland Trees for Bees _ The Bee Effect

Funds raised are secure in a transparent and traceable system.  Greenpop have a wonderful reputation for supporting urban greening and reforestation, along with learner education programs, so you can rest assured much good will be achieved through your schools support.  Click here to find out more about the Boland Trees for Bees programme.