Bee Smart with funfantastic feeding for our honey bees.  What better way to nurture your local honey bees than have every child enjoy the experience of feeding them, knowing why they are feeding them, and just how precious and important honey bees are to our world and their future.

The Bee Smart schools program is part of our seed program to get more bee food out there! Grow-Nuts bee food in funky wild flower seed bombs for kids. Open it, throw it and grow it!  At school or at home, throwing has never been more fun! Our seed bombs are just one part of an exciting line up that is designed to entrench awareness and sustain it.

If you want to join schools in becoming a #BeeSmartSchool by bombing your school and community with seed bombs, contact us and we will get you bombed up for the bees with bee-bomb packs.



The seeds are encased in nutrient soil and clay balls. Wherever you are, you Open It, Throw It and Grow It.  The seeds are protected from predators like birds and insects and grow easily into beautiful adult plants, with seeds encased in the perfect mixture of components, allowing for ‘the maximum amount of success possible for each hand-crafted ball.’

OPEN IT THROW IT GROW IT!  And let nature lead the way.

Grow-Nuts are fantastic, and bee-centric, offering a spectrum of pollen and nectar across the different herbs, flowers and veggies which honey bees love. Why Grow-Nuts?  The brilliance of these seed balls lies in their long history in traditional sustainable farming.

Did you know that seed balls in clay have been around for centuries and been tried and tested over many decades as part of sustainable farming practices?

They are known to be an ancient Japanese technique called Tsuchi Dango “Earth Dumplings”.  In 1938 a Japanese microbiologist Masnobu Fukuoka reintroduced these earth dumplings by incorporating them into his own farming methodology.  Well known for his book The One-Straw Revolution, Masnobu led the practice of ‘natural farming’, using nothing but nature, no chemicals or machines, with little weeding required.  With his seed bombing, he believes that nature takes care of what will grow now, later, or not at all.  He was known to have grown vegetables like wild plants, alongside weeds.  He would bomb ‘river banks, roadsides and wastelands’ and let nature take her course.

“He did not plow his fields, used no agricultural chemicals or prepared fertilizers, did not flood his rice fields as farmers have done in Asia for centuries, and yet his yields equaled or surpassed the most productive farms in Japan.”

Grow-Nuts are 100% South African, with seed selections done accordingly.  You can buy a selection of herbs, vegetables and flowers. They are organic & supplied in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.