Everyone wants to help our honey bees, and you can too.    

The Seed Program is for you to play a role in planting up the diverse honey bee food that we need to feed honey bees.  The first phase of this is the launch of perfect ‘Quick & Easy’ planting Bee Food Boxes that will offer your local honey bees food in Summer and Winter.

There are two different boxes to choose and use to get your bee-centric garden going. All good for the honey bees and for you too!

Autumn Purple box with – Borage – Poppy – Peas  :  Spring/Orange box with – Basil – Beans – Nasturtium

Order yours now and be part of The Bee Effect buzz by clicking below on the online stockist of your choice:

Not up for online shopping? Visit a Builders Warehouse in your area.

Our Bee Food Boxes make for great corporate gifts and promotions too.  Contact us for more info and pricing for bulk purchase.