It makes sense that if we want to increase our honey bee numbers, we need to look into every available opportunity to find more safe and healthy places for them to be in – and one is keeping honey bees in our urban environments.

Honey bees fly in anything from a 2 to 4 kilometer radius to collect nectar and pollen, so having our honey bees around us is an important process in keeping our urban gardens and plants healthy and flourishing. Our beekeepers struggle to find good sites to keep the honey bees, and without additional sites they can’t increase their bee numbers.

We can offer them applicable sites in our urban environments. This is a great way for companies to participate in The Bee Effect, and help our honey bees.

If you would like to be part of our Urban Bee Farming, its a simple process.  A full scoping exercise is completed with local honey bee associations and a selected professional beekeeper to confirm that any by-laws are met should these exist, that there is enough diverse food supply for the honey bees, and that your site is in a secure and safe location – free of human and other traffic and very importantly, safe from vandalism.  Once the hives are securely installed, your local honey bee farmer takes care of the hives.

Beekeepers are always in need of more sites, more sites mean more honey bees, and more magic in our gardens, countrysides and farmlands.  Our farmers need our honey bees. We need our honey bees.