Winter Planting for Honey Bees – Anemone

Anemone_Good Bee Food_The Bee Effect

Anemone, or Anemone coronaria, are a great pollen source as they add a splash of purple, red, blue & white flowers from August to November in your bee-garden.

March is the month for stocking up on bulbs and preparing soils for late April and May planting. Bulbous plants are unexplored sources of nectar and pollen for our honey bees who simply love these exotic flowers.

Soil preparation hint: Make sure your soil is turned over and dug down 30cm to aerate properly.


Bee Plant Values _ The Bee Effect

Good Bee Food_The Bee Effect

Saving our bees is not just about making less toxic environments for them. We also need to focus on what we feed them. Like us they need a balanced diet. A healthy spread of pollen and nectar from a good diverse selection of flowers to choose from. From these flowers they forage for protein from pollen and they get their carbohydrates, sugars, from nectar. Bee-effective and plant Good Bee Food, for you and your honey bees.

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Ref: / Beeplants of South Africa, M.F. Johannsmeier

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