World Bee Day 2019

World Bee Day is the day we celebrate our honey bees and the key role they play in our world. To observe this day, this year, we have supported the launch of a children’s book about honey bees that through this literature come to life for the younger generation, teaching and enchanting.  The Secrets of Hope the Honey Bee.  

Why is this a keen day of significance?  For one day around the world everyone is united in bee-buzziness. A day committed to mobilising international co-operation to take the challenges surrounding our bees head on.  Their health and well-being, the direct threat to food security that both we and honey bees face – the need to eradicate hunger and malnutrition – and maintaining our rich biodiversity and ecosystems.  Read more here about what this means.

Many companies, individuals, farmers and beekeepers are committed to the future of our honey bees. Click here to find out more about our Safe Havens for Bees that are supporting the increase in honey bee populations with land committed to them. 

Be #BeeCentric this World Bee Day

Click here for these fun Bee Bum pics to share and spread bee buzziness today.

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