World Bee Day 2023

Can you hear the World Bee Day buzz? Our honey bees are calling to you… …plant a bee tree today. ???????? And feed honey bees well into the future. It’s easy for you, you can simply Click & Pay and for R150 you are supporting the future of honey bees and all the other pollinators that make our world beautiful.

Buy a tree for a bee today

Let’s make this World Bee Day a ‘do-today’ one and plant a tree to feed a honey bee? For R150 you will make a honey bees day!

Click & Pay

Our Biodiversity Needs Us Now

Protecting this 125 million-year-old legacy means we are in it for the long haul – and part of this means we need to plant forage for our hero pollinator, the honey bee, and all other pollinators to feed them today, tomorrow, and well into our future.
Planting a tree to feed a honey bee is what will build on a legacy to save it for tomorrow.

Without our honey bees and all the other pollinators that flowers rely on to survive, there will be less colour, less scents, less fruits – and without those, less honey bees and other pollinators. They need each other. And now our biodiversity needs us.

Do you know what pesticides are being used growing your fruit and vegetables?

The tree effect is quite something too because it plays a role in halting the effects of climate change.  Reforestation, preserving the lungs of our earth, is a big player in this process. So not only do our trees for bees support honey bees and other pollinators, we are helping feed oxygen into the air and absorb CO2 from the air. 

The Tree Effect

Forests are one of the many wonders of our world. Carrying with their age, many mysteries of our past – while holding the opportunity to save a future for our honey bees and the rest of life on earth.

Do well today and tomorrow is already taken care of

Since Feb 2020 donors to our Trees for Bees pledge fund have raised R 457 826,00 and planted 3814 trees in Greenpop’s Platbos & Bodhi Khaya Forests For Life projects.

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