Honey vs Honey in South Africa

In a damning report an agricultural economist confirms that South Africans may be eating Chinese honey mixed with Syrup. Wandile Sihlobo says that South Africans are eating ‘natural honey’ that is anything but that.  With Chinese imports dominating the SA retail shelves, documentaries such as Netflix’s ‘Rotten’ are highlighting the malpractice of mixing honey with rice and corn syrup to make it go further.  Alarmingly the question of harmful antibiotics for humans in this honey is further cause for concern.  According to a Business Insider report ‘85% of honey imports to South Africa now come from China. This has come at the cost of countries like New Zealand, whose exports to SA fell from 300 tonnes to 3 tonnes between 2001 and 2017.’  Such is the retail footprint of Chinese origin honey in SA, dominating the market on price.  If it is honey at all. Do you know what honey you are buying? Read more on honey across SA borders.

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